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Training & Open Coaching

Hythe Sailing Club is an RYA accredited training centre but with limited resources and is only able to offer Training or Coaching to full members and their children over 8 years of age and listed within a Family Membership.

All on water training or coaching is undertaken by RYA qualified instructors supported by competent Club members. From time to time when demand is sufficient, shore based specialist courses may be offered during the winter months.

All our instructors are volunteer members of the Club and training or coaching sessions are arranged to fit within their own work and social commitments. Training or coaching will therefore be arranged only when sufficient member interest is shown to make a course viable. A nominal charge is made to cover expenses and RYA qualifications will be able to be achieved at a much reduced cost over commercial training centres. Boats used for on water training or coaching will be suitable for the course and age of the student. All our training and coaching members have undergone safeguarding checks where required.

All applicants for on water training or coaching must submit a medical information form. For Children (those under 18 years of age) the medical form must be completed by their parent or guardian named on the membership database.

Application forms for courses and medical forms can be obtained from the RYA Principle or downloaded from the Club web site after logging into the member’s only section and selecting “Application Forms/Members forms” from the menu.

Youth beginners’ sail training courses (from age 8 to 15)

RYA Stage 1. RYA Stage 2. RYA Stage 3. RYA Stage 4.

To make the most of these courses, students should ensure they are confident with the skills of one course before undertaking the RYA assessment and moving to the next. Most courses are a minimum of two days but may be run over a longer period subject to tides and weather or if students haven’t sailed for a long period. Sailing is a sport which gets better with practice. When working towards a RYA stage assessment, instruction may take the form of either formal training, according to the RYA syllabus and/or informal coaching sessions to build on skills. At least one parent is required to remain at the Club whilst the training session is underway to support the activity and when necessary be responsible for the safety and behaviour of their child.

2017 rates: £1.50 a session + any charge for RYA certificates.

Adult beginners’ sail training courses (from age 16)

RYA Level 1. RYA Level 2. RYA Level 3.

The scheme is comprised of a series of two-day courses (or an equivalent time of short sessions subject to tidal and weather conditions) enabling the student to progress quickly from beginner to experts in a controlled, safe and enjoyable environment. Each course is taken in a dinghy and may follow the formal RYA training syllabus supported by informal coaching to build on skills.

2017 rates: A charge of £90 per level is payable before commencement of the course, which includes any RYA certificates.

RYA Powerboat level 2 (From age 16)

This course focuses on low speed close quarters handling, man overboard recovery, an introduction to driving at planing speed, and collision regulations. This course is normally held over 2 days.

2017 rates: A charge of £90 is payable before commencement of the course. The course is only provided to those members who can demonstrate a willingness to participate in safety boat duties, or own a powerboat

RYA Powerboat: Safety boat. Must hold RYA powerboat level 2 cert (from age 18).

This two-day course provides the skills required when acting as an escort craft, safety boat or coach boat for a fleet of dinghies, or for racing or training activities. It includes rescue techniques and elements of race management and mark laying. This course is available free of charge to those members who have held a level 2 powerboat certificate for a minimum of 12 months and completed a minimum of six safety boat crew duties. A refund of the Powerboat 2 course fees (if completed at HSC) will be made to those members who perform no fewer than 6 safety boat duties a year in the 2 years following Safety Boat qualification.

Further detailed information on RYA courses may be found on the RYA web site.

See below for instructions on operating the club safety boats.

Safety Boat Protocols